July 2022, Seminar, Institut de Ciències del Mar, Barcelona (Spain), Oral presentation

June 2022, SWOT meeting, CNES, Toulouse (France), Oral presentation

June 2022, Seminar, LEGOS, Toulouse (France), Oral presentation

March 2022, Ocean Sciences Meeting, Virtual, Oral presentation

September 2021, PhD Thesis defence, Talk (in french), Slides (in english)

February 2020, Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego, Poster

April 2019, EGU meeting, Vienna, Poster

Fellowships & awards

2022, Best Exact and Experimental Sciences PhD thesis award, The Royal Naval Academy of France

2022, Best PhD thesis award, French section of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics

2018, DGA (French Army department) doctoral Fellowship


May 2019, Physindien 2019 experiment, Arabian Sea, member of scientific team onboard French Navy's BHO Beautemps-Beaupré.